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Project Info  

Quest Carbon Capture and Storage

Proponent:  Shell Canada
Phase:  Regulatory Decision-Making
Environmental Assessment Type:  Screening
MPMO Officer:  MPMO Mailbox
Status:  Completed

Project Details    
Project Name: Quest Carbon Capture and Storage
Proponent Name: Shell Canada
Phase: Regulatory Decision-Making
Federal Review Status: Completed
Sector: Oil and Gas
Environmental Assessment Type: Screening
Project Location: Scotford
Project Description
Shell Canada Limited's Quest Carbon Capture and Storage Project is a proposal to capture, transport, and store up to 1.2 megatonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year near Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta. The proposal consists of a capture infrastructure within the Scotford Upgrader facility, 100 km pipeline to transport the captured carbon dioxide, and injection wells to store the carbon dioxide in the Basal Cambrian Sands formation approximately 2 km below surface.