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Project Info  

Lower Churchill Hydroelectric Generation

Proponent:  Nalcor Energy
Phase:  Follow-up and monitoring
Environmental Assessment Type:  Review Panel
MPMO Officer:  Charlotte Landry
Status:  Active/In Progress

Project Details    
Project Name: Lower Churchill Hydroelectric Generation
Proponent Name: Nalcor Energy
Phase: Follow-up and monitoring
Federal Review Status: Active/In Progress
Sector: Hydro
Environmental Assessment Type: Review Panel
Project Location: Gull Island is located approximately 100 km and Muskrat Falls 30 km to the southwest of the Town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay
Newfoundland and Labrador
Project Description
Nalcor Energy's proposed Lower Churchill Hydroelectric Generation project is a hydro-electric of a capacity of approximately 3,074 mega-watts located on the Lower Churchill River in Labrador. The proposal consists of two hydroelectric generating facilities which have a combined power generation with two reservoirs flooding a total area of 121 square kilometres, and inter-connecting transmission.