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Project Info  

Vantage Ethane Pipeline

Proponent:  Vantage Pipeline Canada Inc.
Phase:  Regulatory Decision-Making
Environmental Assessment Type:  Screening
MPMO Officer:  MPMO Mailbox
Status:  Completed

Project Details    
Project Name: Vantage Ethane Pipeline
Proponent Name: Vantage Pipeline Canada Inc.
Phase: Regulatory Decision-Making
Federal Review Status: Completed
Sector: Pipelines
Environmental Assessment Type: Screening
Project Location:
Alberta, Saskatchewan
Project Description
Vantage Pipelines Canada Inc has proposed the construction of a 705-kilometer liquid ethane pipeline from Tioga, North Dakota to the Alberta Ethane Gathering System near Empress, Alberta.The pipeline will be designed to transport up to 54,000 barrels-per-day of liquid ethane.