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Flemish Pass Exploration Drilling

Proponent:  Statoil Canada Ltd.
Phase:  Environmental Assessment
Environmental Assessment Type:  EA by Responsible Authority
MPMO Officer:  Charlotte Landry
Status:  Active/In Progress

MPMO Contact Information

First Name: Charlotte
Last Name: Landry
Title: Policy Analyst
Organization: Major Projects Management Office
Address Line 1: 580 Booth St.
City: Ottawa
Province/Territory Ontario
Postal Code: K1A0E4
Tel. number: 343-292-6317

Proponent Contact Information

First Name: Stephanie
Last Name: Curran
Title: Regulatory Lead
Organization: Statoil Canada Ltd.
Address Line 1: 2 Steer Cove
City: St. John's
Province/Territory Newfoundland and Labrador
Postal Code: A1C6J5
Tel. number: 709-726-9091