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Line 3 Replacement Program

Federal Review Status:
Active/In Progress

NB: The National Energy Board is responsible for overseeing the regulatory phase of this project ¿ please refer to the links provided to their website for further information. Enbridge Pipelines Inc. is proposing to replace the majority of the 1,073 km Line 3 crude oil pipeline commencing at the Hardisty Terminal in AB to the Gretna Station located near Gretna, MB. The Project will result in the replaced Line 3 operating at Line 3's original operating capability (760,000 barrels/day). The proposed project would include: the replacement of the existing 863.6 mm pipeline with 914.4 mm pipeline; the addition and replacement of some or all pumps and associated infrastructure and equipment; the addition of tankage at the Hardisty Terminal; and, the decommissioning of the existing pipeline.


Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba

Enbridge Pipeline Inc.

MPMO Officer:
Brandon Krauthaker
Junior Analyst
Major Projects Management Office
580 Booth Street, 12th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario K1A0E4
Telephone Number: 343-292-7483


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