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Tio Mine Expansion

Federal Review Status:
Active/In Progress

Rio Tinto Fer et Titane is proposing to expand the Lac Tio Ilmenite mine site, near Havre-Saint-Pierre, which it has mined for 60 years. The project involves no increase in the annual production of 3.1 million tonnes, but the new waste-rock management plan includes the creation of a new-waste rock pile for the storage of 119 million cubic meters of waste-rock that will be generated by the end of the life of the mine. The waste-rock pile and associated infrastructure will occupy an area of 1.90 square kilometers, which represents an expansion of more than 75% of the existing area of operations. The project also includes the centralization of water treatment and the construction of a new water treatment plant with a capacity of 745 cubic metres per hour.

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Rio Tinto Fer et Titane

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