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WCC LNG Project

Federal Review Status:
Active/In Progress

WCC LNG Project Ltd. proposes to construct and operate a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility and marine terminal located on the eastern shore of Tuck Inlet, within the city limits of Prince Rupert, British Columbia. As proposed, the project would convert processed natural gas into LNG for export to global markets. Two design options are being considered for the project: an onshore LNG facility and a nearshore facility, each incorporating LNG receiving and production facilities, supporting infrastructure and a marine terminal. The WCC LNG Project is expected to operate for a minimum of 25 years and have a maximum production capacity of approximately 30 million tonnes per year.

Oil and Gas


WCC LNG Project Ltd.

MPMO Officer:
Carla Stevens
Operations Officer
Major Projects Management Office
580 Booth St, 12th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario K1A0E4
Telephone Number: 343-292-6205


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