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Project Info  

Fox Creek Coal Mine and Gasification

Proponent:  Alter NRG Corp.
Phase:  Project Agreement
Environmental Assessment Type
MPMO Officer:  MPMO Mailbox
Status:  Cancelled/Terminated

Project Details    
Project Name: Fox Creek Coal Mine and Gasification
Proponent Name: Alter NRG Corp.
Phase: Project Agreement
Federal Review Status: Cancelled/Terminated
Sector: Minerals and Metals
Environmental Assessment Type:
Project Location: 27 km North-east of Town of Fox Creek, and between Edmonton and Grande Prairie
Project Description
Alter NRG Corporation's Fox Creek Gasification Project is a surface coal mine proposal located mid-way between Edmonton and Grande Prairie, Alberta. The proposal consists of a surface coal mine and associated land reclamation, coal transportation, preparation and storage, a gasification complex and a coal-to-liquids plant to convert gasifier-generated syngas into liquids, such as diesel fuel and naptha.